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Map of British Columbia

The Province of British Columbia is located on the west coast of Canada.   This region has some of the most beautiful natural waterways and scenery in the world.

Leprosy Island of D’Arcy

At the turn of the last century, D’Arcy Island, a remote patch of land off Vancouver Island, was prison to a handful of Chinese people suffering from leprosy. They were marooned there to die.  Today, the island is a park, its history buried with the forgotten Chinese men — and

Emerald Lake and The Brass Bath Tubs

Emerald Lake, near Field British Columbia, is a beautiful site. Formed by the thrusting of the mountain ranges and filled with glacial run-off, the surface of Emerald Lake glistens with the blue-green hue of an emerald. During the early days of the transcontinental railway, which joined Canada from coast-to-coast, the

Princess May goes high and dry

The Princess May (first named Cass, then later, Arthur, Cass (again), Ningchow, and Hating) was 249 feet (76 m) long, 33-foot (10 m) beam, 18-foot (5.5 m) depth of hold, 1717 gross and 1394 registered tons.  She was driven by 3 engines driving three propellers.  Built in 1888, The Princess May was designed

Vanlene Shipwreck

The Vanlene left Japan in 1972 with its holds filled with 300 Dodge Colts. It traveled east towards Washington State without the services of radar and radio direction finders.  They even had a faulty depth finder.  It made its was, unknowingly in to the area of Vancouver Island, some 200

Wakiash – The First Totem Pole

The totem poles of the Northwest Coast tribes were actually family crests and not religious icons, denoting the owner's legendary descent from an animal such as the bear, raven, wolf, salmon, or killer whale. Coming into a village, a stranger would first look for a house with the totem pole

Canada’s First Road Signs?

Jack HarleyThe native peoples of what is now central Canada had a unique way of helping others get to their destination without losing their way.A young tree prominently situated at a trail intersection or sharp turn had one or more limbs trained to point in a certain direction to aid