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Yosef Karsh on Winston Churchill

We all marvel at the work of Yosef Karsh, Canada's foremost photographer.  Did you ever wonder what technique Karsh used to capture Winston Churchill? One of Churchill's trademarks was his cigar.  When Karsh posed Churchill, he allowed Churchill to hold his cigar.  Karsh, in his informal style, walked up to
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Joseph Howe – Canada’s First Separatist

Canada's first experience with separation occurred in 1868, less than 1 year after it's birth. Joseph Howe, from Nova Scotia, was a dyed-in-the-wool imperialist who never accepted the terms of confederation of Canada.  He believed that Atlantic Canada was better ruled by Britain than by the "rabble" from Ottawa.Canada was "borne"
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Louis Riel – Martyr, Hero or Traitor?

Where does one begin writing about Louis Riel and how does one encapsulate his life, accomplishments and his mistakes. Mysteries of Canada is not intended as a singular source of reference for any one subject. Our intent is to pique your imagination and your interest in a subject so that you
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The Day the Planes Stood Still

Bruce RickettsI was thinking the other day that it is more than likely that anyone under the age of ten or twelve years of age (or maybe even older) would not be able to recognize what is taking place in the picture to the left of this article.  The picture
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