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  1. Ken Joyce
    July 3, 2019

    Have you EVER read the Communist Manifesto? Do you understand that the Communist Party of Canada was ENDORSED by the COMINTERN in Moscow meaning that it could NOT call itself a Communist Party without their blessing. Have you EVER read the material handed out at meetings of the CPC? Do you understand that the party was fighting for the USSR and NOT Canada. Of coarse it promised this and it promised that, that is how they hook the worker. Labour groups and the fight for the worker HAS NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to do with Communism. As for Capitalism. Economic historians now understand that the so-called Great Depression was prolonged by regulations imposed by Socio-communists like King and Roosevelt. The economic downturn would have bounced back on ITS OWN far sooner if the LEFT had not gained control. I would also like to remind you that it was Moses Hess and Karl Marx that called for global violence against the existing status quo. This predates the birth of Adolph Hitler and it predates the establishment of the NSDAP. Germany was Communism’s first target and their meddling in German affairs led to the rise of Hitler. In other words Communism, which had already murdered millions before Hitler came to power, will send Hitler to the top and result in the murder of millions more. Then you have Stalin, Mao, Pot etc. murdering millions more after Hitler is gone and you can honestly claim that Capitalism is a problem? MORALITY was the problem. Good and Evil. One can be an immoral or moral Capitalist. However Communism, out of the very words of Marx himself could NOT exist without morality. That is why it’s No.1 target was every belief system that existed on this earth. People claim that religion has killed more people, that is crap. Behind every single late 19th and 20th Century religious conflict were the minions of Communism.


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