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Stories of the First Nations Aboriginal People of Canada, who are not Inuit or Metis. There are 634 First Nations Governments in Canada. About half of which are in Ontario and British Columbia.

Almighty Voice – Duck Lake

About an hour north of Saskatoon lies the small town (population 700) of Duck Lake.  Canadian historians know Duck Lake as the site of the major battle of the North West Rebellion.But how many know the story of "Almighty Voice"?Almighty Voice, also known as "Kisse-Manitou-Wayo" or "Shu-Kwe-weetam" by the locals,

Molly Brant, Heroine of the People

Molly Brant was born in 1736.  The Aboriginal people called her Degonwadonti.  She was a member of a prominent Mohawk family. She lived in the Ohio Valley. In 1759 Molly Brant became the life partner of Sir William Johnson.  Johnson was the Superintendent of Aboriginal Affairs in the province of New York.

Ode To a Dug Well

Tomorrow the drilled well will be hooked up. After tomorrow I can do all the laundry at home. After tomorrow I will not have to pack water all through the summer and fall. No more boiling water to wash the dishes. No more scooping the used dish water out to