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Map of Manitoba Canada

The Province of Manitoba is located in the center of Canada. It is one of the three prairie provinces. Manitoba has a vast and diverse landscape. The southern and western regions are mostly grassland, the eastern and northern regions are mostly covered by the Canadian Shield, also called the Laurentian Plateau.

Joe Tanner’s Daring

The following is an excerpt from Indian Tales of the Canadian Prairies (1894) by James F. Sanderson. Joe Tanner's Daring One of the bravest leaders among the Indians that I ever knew was Kay-siss-a-way, meaning He Moves Quick. His Christian name was Joseph Tanner, his grandfather being an Englishman of that name.
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Manitoba. In the Middle of It All

Manitoba is a Canadian province that finds itself right in the middle of Canada. Due to this unique location, it's a perfect place to start a journey through Canada. I can pretty much guarantee you that you will have a hard time leaving Manitoba, however. It’s vast landscape and waters
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Curtiss C-46 Commando – Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy was a Curtiss C-46 Commando cargo aircraft, operated by Lamb Air in Northern Manitoba. The C46 flew in 1945 and was nicknamed Miss Piggy because of the size of the loads she carried from site to site in the north. On November 13, 1979, Miss Piggy left the Churchill
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