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Map of Manitoba Canada

The Province of Manitoba is located in the center of Canada. It is one of the three prairie provinces. Manitoba has a vast and diverse landscape. The southern and western regions are mostly grassland, the eastern and northern regions are mostly covered by the Canadian Shield, also called the Laurentian Plateau.

The Mosquito Capital of Canada

"It's no joke.  Those mosquitoes were so big they could carry off small children!!!"  Almost every resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba makes a similar claim.  Even the web site of the Salisbury Morse Place School states:  "Winnipeg is [incorrectly] known the "Mosquito" capital of Canada.  The mosquito is jokingly considered Manitoba's
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The Mighty Red River Flooding

Little information is known about flood events in the area prior to organized settlement of the region in 1812. Subsequently, the greatest known Red River flood occurred in the spring of 1826. The flood resulted from wet weather the previous autumn, a winter of heavy snow, followed by a late spring
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