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The Ross Rifle Scandal

During the South African War of 1899-1902, the Canadian government had experienced problems obtaining weapons from Britain, on whom it relied for its supplies. In particular the .303 Lee-Enfield rifle was unavailable, and efforts to persuade Birmingham Small Arms Company to set up a branch factory in Canada to manufacture
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Canadian US Medal of Honor Receipients

A lot has been made recently of what makes Canadians and Americans different.  Canadians say "roof" while Americans say "ruff".  Canadians know a lot about the US, while Americans couldn't find Canada on a map. But for all our differences, there are many things we have in common.  One thing
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American Victoria Cross Recipients

We recently wrote a story of the 54 Canadians or Canadian-born recipients of the US Medal of Honor. There have been five Americans or America-borne recipients of the Victoria Cross, four of whom served in Canadian regiments.Captain Bellenden Seymour Hutchison served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps of the CEF. 
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Canadians who have died in Afghanistan

Heroes come in all sizes and shapes.  At Mysteries of Canada we honor our military and civilian heroes through our stories and our lists (including Victoria Cross recipients, Star and Medal of Valour, Cross of Valour recipients and more.  We also have a list of Canadians killed in peacekeeping operations
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The Star and Medal of Military Valour

There are Three Military Valour decorations in Canada The Victoria Cross is a British honor which has been awarded to 94 Canadians.  The Star of Military Valour and the Medal of Military Valour were created in 1993 specifically for the Canadian military.  They are awarded to recognize acts of valor, self-sacrifice
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