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The Headless Nun

During the mid 18th century struggle between the Acadiens and British, a French fort was constructed at a cove located in a place known today as French Fort Cove (Northumberland County, New Brunswick) .Acadiens were transported to this location to help fend off the British. Among these Acadiens was a

Dr. John Vondy and the Looshtauk

The Miramichi, is a wonderful part of New Brunswick.  The city sits on the Miramichi River which empties into Miramichi Bay which, in turn, forms part of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.  In the past the Miramichi area has been used, extensively as a stopping off point for immigrants coming

The Lepers of Sheldrake Island

I remember this one from my microbiology days; Mycobacterium leprae... Leprosy.  The disease that could scare the bejeebies out of toughest of men.  Did you know there are almost 2000 new cases found in world every day. That is 750,000 new cases per year!We normally do not think of Leprosy

The Dungarvon Whooper

The Dungarvon Whooper is a story of a young cook by the name of Ryan.  He was hired to work in a lumber camp near the Dungarvon River.  When he arrived at camp, he brought all his worldly possessions with him.  Around his waist was fastened a money belt stuffed

The Face in the Oven

The property at 31 Leinster Street in Saint John has a bit of a dark history. The original house dated back to the late 18th century.  It was rebuilt in 1878 using the original foundation.  In the mid 1980's an unexpected and generally unexplained find was made in the old oven/furnace