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Viking Voyages to Canada

Viking Voyages to Canada Who discovered America?This question will yield a number of different answers depending on whom you ask.Canadian schoolkids fresh from Social Studies class may recall that Italian navigator John Cabot discovered the rocky shores of Labrador in 1496 on behalf of King Henry VII of England.American schoolkids might

Thunderbird- A Canadian Legend

Thunderbird A Canadian Legend On the eastern shore of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, at a place known as Brockton Point, stands a cluster of ten totem poles carved and painted by First Nations artists. One of these carvings- a striking replica of a Kwakwaka'wakw longhouse post- stands in conspicuous prominence.

The Antis of Plate Cove

Newfoundland joined the Canadian confederation in 1949.   The referendum was decided by a one percent margin.  But 1949 was not the first time that Newfoundlanders had discussed - or fought over - confederation.In 1869, Newfoundlanders voted in a general election to not join Canada.  The two sides in the debate

The Great Tsunami of 1929

Tsunamis are such uncommon events on the East Coast that the term itself is rarely used. Yet on November 18, 1929, the unthinkable occurred. A large­scale earthquake rocked the eastern coast of North America at 5:00 p.m. In St. John's, Newfoundland, although no serious damage was sustained, the quake shook