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The harbourfront of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces, and one of the four provinces which form Atlantic Canada. Its provincial capital is Halifax.

Black Hole Harbour Treasure

If rumors, legends and gleaned bits and pieces of information have any substance in fact, then the largest hoard of pirate treasure in Nova Scotia, and perhaps the world, lies hidden somewhere at Black Hole Harbour.I have been visiting Black Hole Harbour off and on for over twenty years, first
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The U190 joins the Royal Canadian Navy

In June 1945 a U-190 surrendered at Bay Bulls, Newfoundland.  It was officially commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy. The ship was piloted from Bay Bulls, by Royal Navy Lt. Mewburn Philip Woods (pictured below in the circle) who resides in Halifax to this date.In the summer of 1945 the first duty
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German U-190 and the HMCS Esquimalt

The U-190, launched in Germany on 3 June 1942.  It left Germany on its first working patrol on 20 February 1943, returning to its base at Lorient, France on 30 March. Thereafter it made a total of six working cruises into the Atlantic before surrendering on the last of these to
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Edward Cornwallis

In recent years Halifax’s Edward Cornwallis statue has been attacked by ninjas, doused in fake blood and given street-art gender reassignment surgery via a felt vagina (photo below).It’s a strange turn of fortunes for a man who for generations was quietly revered by many Nova Scotians as the founder of
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The Halifax Explosion of 1945

I am sure that all of you have heard of the Halifax Explosion of 1917.  If not, then hang your head in shame and read our article on The Halifax Explosion of 1917! While the Halifax Explosion of 1917 was a calamity, it was not the only major wartime explosion
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Oak Island Money Pit Treasure

If I told you that there was a buried treasure on Oak Island. An Island just off the coast of Nova Scotia. In a spot called The Money Pit, would you believe me? After all this area of North America was a favorite stomping ground for pirates in the 18th century.
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