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Map of Nunavut Canada Province

The Nunavut Province of Canada is the newest and largest part of Canada.  It was separated from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999, via the Nunavut Act and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act.

Thunderbird- A Canadian Legend

Thunderbird A Canadian Legend On the eastern shore of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, at a place known as Brockton Point, stands a cluster of ten totem poles carved and painted by First Nations artists. One of these carvings- a striking replica of a Kwakwaka'wakw longhouse post- stands in conspicuous prominence.

Pond Inlet – Robert Janes Arctic Justice

Robert Janes, a Newfoundland sailor, arrived in the small northern community of Pond Inlet in 1912.  His job was to help establish Canada's sovereignty in the north.  It was reported that he was fairly reclusive.  During his two-year stay he reported that he had found gold in the Pond Bay.  While
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Kikkik Inuit – When Justice Was Done

Quite often Mysteries of Canada readers will question some of the statements made in our stories.  This is most common with respect the story of Louis Riel.  Most often the disagreement is explained by the admission of the "critic" that they tend to judge Riel by 2003 norms rather that
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The Franklin Expedition: What Really Happened?

The Franklin Expedition holds great interest and mystery. What really happened to the 129 men aboard the HMS Terror and HMS Erebus as they attempted to explore the unknown territory of the Northwest Passage? No one really knows; however, there are many theories and hypotheses about what might have taken place.
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