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Don’t Whistle at Night! – A Canadian Superstition

Don’t Whistle at Night! A Canadian Superstition One of the strangest mysteries I’ve come across in my two years of writing for is the phenomenon of universal folktales- legends inexplicably espoused by multiple cultural groups which have few discernable connections with one another.The Welsh, the Chinese, and the Aztecs, for example,

Interview with a Cryptid Hunter

Transcript of an Interview with a Cryptid Hunter (2018) Starring Frank Graves Narrated by Kelsea Crowe Voice of young Frank: Shawn Foster Executive Producer: Dan Chomistek Script, Music, and Narration by Hammerson Peters Introduction Narrator: Hello and welcome to an Interview with a Cryptid Hunter. In this documentary, we’re going to showcase a never-before-seen interview of an

Thunderbird- A Canadian Legend

Thunderbird A Canadian Legend On the eastern shore of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, at a place known as Brockton Point, stands a cluster of ten totem poles carved and painted by First Nations artists. One of these carvings- a striking replica of a Kwakwaka'wakw longhouse post- stands in conspicuous prominence.

Legends of the Nahanni Valley

Legends of the Nahanni Valley- Northern Canada's Greatest Mystery Now Available in the Mysteries of Canada Bookstore We're very excited to announce that Mysteries of Canada's second-ever non-fiction book, entitled "Legends of the Nahanni Valley," is finally available on Amazon and Kindle. This book is the first of its kind, focusing exclusively