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IGOPOGO – The monster of Lake Simcoe

When I was a young guy, my Grandmother had a cottage on Lake Simcoe.  I remember the warm sand beaches and the cool water, but I don’t ever think I saw the IGOPOGO!

Considered by many cryptozoologists to be unique, even amongst her amazing peers, Igopogo is a rarely seen beast.  It has been described as having a neck which resembles a stove-pipe, crowned by an unusually dog-like head. This distinctly mammalian description has remained consistent throughout the many years of Igopogo sightings.  This description suggests that the animal is probably not related to the LOCH NESS type creatures, but more likely belongs to the same family of aquatic-canines known as the DOBHAR-CHU.



The beast has been seen so seldom that I was though to be dead or moved on, but in March of 1991, it was seen again and filmed.

“According to the unnamed videographer, while a friend was preparing for a hydroplane race, he suffered a mechanical breakdown and was forced to pause for repairs near the south end of the lake. As the racer lifted the engine hatch in order to assess the damage, a large animal suddenly surfaced directly in front of him – stunning the racer as well as the spectators on the shoreline.  The viewers began to panic as the creature slowly lowered its head into the water. It continued to stare at the racer before disappearing completely.”http://www.cryptopia.us/site/

If you have any information, photographs or video on the IGOPOGO, drop us a line at info@mysteriesofcanada.com.

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