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Province of Ontario Canada Map

Ontario is located in central eastern Canada and one of the ten provinces of Canada.  Almost 40 percent of Canada’s population lives in Ontario. Land wise it is the second largest province.

Upper Canada’s Last Duel

It was June 13, 1833, just east of the small town of Perth, Ontario that a pistol duel was about to begin.  The duellers were Robert Lyon and John Wilson, two young lawyers from the town.  It is stated that Lyon was sweet on a young local lady named Elizabeth
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Witch of Plum Hollow

Elizabeth Jane Barnes (nee Martin), was born in Cork, Ireland, though the year of birth is uncertain, ranging from 1744 to 1800. Her age at death is also uncertain, ranging from 90 to 93 years. Certainly, however, Mother Barnes was a remarkable woman. She is said to have been the
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Friction over Fishing Rights in Owen Sound

While living in Owen Sound  (1990 - 2001) I became very much involved with the native people of the area. I helped form "Neighbours of Nawash" an organization to help bridge the gap between the "white" population and their aboriginal "hosts" . Farmers' markets are generally more than just places
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Batawa – Bata Shoe Company

When I was a kid growing up on the airbase at Trenton, we used to take day trips to buy shoes.  We would go north from Trenton to Batawa, the site of the first company town (outside of an airbase) that I had ever seen.BATAWA HISTORY - (from -
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Silver Queen Mine

If you are out and about in this great country of ours, you will always be close to history.I was camping the other weekend with the family, at a place called Murphy's Point, near Perth, Ontario.  On the drive into this special place, I happened to notice a sign that
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The Glenora Treasure

In Prince Edward County there is a ferry which connects two parts of highway 33.  The Glenora Ferry runs every 15 minutes or so between a flat peninsula at the eastern end to the side of a cliff on the west.  What most ferry passengers do not realize is that
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Sandbanks Provincial Park

Back in November of 1961, 13 year old Raymond Ricketts received a letter from the Department of Lands and Forest of Ontario.  This letter was in reply to a letter young Raymond had sent to them to enquire about Sandbanks Provincial Park.Sandbanks Park is a jewel in the crown of
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