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Province of Ontario Canada Map

Ontario is located in central eastern Canada and one of the ten provinces of Canada.  Almost 40 percent of Canada’s population lives in Ontario. Land wise it is the second largest province.

The Glenora Treasure

In Prince Edward County there is a ferry which connects two parts of highway 33.  The Glenora Ferry runs every 15 minutes or so between a flat peninsula at the eastern end to the side of a cliff on the west.  What most ferry passengers do not realize is that
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Sandbanks Provincial Park

Back in November of 1961, 13 year old Raymond Ricketts received a letter from the Department of Lands and Forest of Ontario.  This letter was in reply to a letter young Raymond had sent to them to enquire about Sandbanks Provincial Park.Sandbanks Park is a jewel in the crown of
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Benjamin Drew and stories of the Free Blacks

Benjamin Drew was an American Abolitionist from the Boston, Mass., area.  He traveled through eastern Canada meeting with Blacks, former slaves in the Union, who had come north on the Underground Railway.  In 1856 he had published a book of his interviews, entitled, The Refugee: Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in Canada A
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Joseph Currier – Ghost of Watsons Mill

Watson's Mill is a beautiful old building on the Rideau River in Manotick, a suburb of Ottawa.  Built by Moss Kent Dickinson and his business partner Joseph Merrill Currier in 1860, the mill used big water turbines to run large millstones to grind wheat into flour. Vermont-born Joseph Currier, was
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Wawa Goose

A couple of years ago I passed by Wawa in Northern Ontario on my way to Thunder Bay.  It is always interesting to see what a town will do to get itself noticed. Wawa is known for its big goose statue right on the side of the TransCanada highway.  When
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On The Opeongo Line

The poem, On The Opeongo Line, was written by Tom Devine who came from Renfrew.  Set around the turn of the last century,  Devine's "story teller", "from up-the-line", was a delivery person who made his rounds on a horse-drawn cart.  The quality of his poem is in the story it
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HMS NANCY Schooner

The HMS Nancy was built as a private cargo vessel in 1789 near Windsor, Ontario.  During the War of 1812, she was contracted into service and played an important role as a British supply ship.  Commanded by a British Naval Officer Lieutenant Commander Worsley for a brief period in 1814,
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Tim Horton – Hockey Legend

If I told you I was going for a cup at Tim Hortons you would probable ask, "Which one?".  Tim Hortons are as common as weeds in an untended garden. But do you know who Tim Horton was?Miles Gilbert  Legen "Tim" Horton  born on January 12, 1930 in Cochrane, Ontario. He
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The Baldoon Mystery

The events recorded in this strange Mystery occurred between 1830 and 1840. This all happened within a few kilometers of WALLACEBURG, Ontario.A young man named Mr. John McDonald had acquired a piece of land which was coveted by other people.  These "others", headed by an old woman, approached John many
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