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Province of Ontario Canada Map

Ontario is located in central eastern Canada and one of the ten provinces of Canada.  Almost 40 percent of Canada’s population lives in Ontario. Land wise it is the second largest province.

Five Stone Arch Bridge – Pakenham

Pakenham, Ontario, is a small town just west and north of Ottawa.  Many towns and villages in Canada were named after British soldiers during The War of 1812.  The town of Pakenham was named after General Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, who died in the Battle of New Orleans.  There is a
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Robertson Screw

It was a lovely summer day in 1906 when a traveling salesman, Peter Lymburner Robertson, was demonstrating a spring-loaded screwdriver.  As usual, if a demo can go wrong it will, and Robertson cut his hand when the screwdriver slipped.  It is not known if he made the sale or not, but
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Who Invented the Light Bulb?

Most people think that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but they would be wrong.  In 1875, Thomas Edison purchased half of a patent.  The patent was owned by a Toronto medical electrician.  Edison wanted this to further his own research.  The researcher who invented the light bulb was James
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The Hardy Boys who was Leslie McFarlane

Do you remember the day that Fenton Hardy and his two sons, Joe and Frank, were walking with Aunt Gertrude and Chet Morton down the side-walk in downtown Haileybury, Ontario?  Twig your memory?  They were on their way to the post office to send in another manuscript for publishing.  It
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Sir Isaac Brock and the Duel

General Sir Isaac Brock was a great General who had experience in several theaters of war in Europe including the Battle of Trafalgar along side Horatio Nelson. He was a brave, decent officer who personified the word "gentleman".  Brock is commemorated for his ride to Queenston heights to drive the
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The Lemieux Slide of 1993

 June 30, 1993 is a day that will live in the memories of the people of Lemieux, Ontario as the day their town slid into the Nation River. But 1991 will stay in their memory as the time the government came to their rescue. The South Nation River is a
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The Gnuilda Shipwreck

The Luxury Steam Yacht Gunilda was the flagship of the New York Yacht Club and the pride of its owner, oil baron William Harkness, one of the wealthiest men in the world at the turn of the century. However a penchant for cutting corners sent this vessel to a watery
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Laura Secord – Canada’s Joan-of-Arc

On June 21st, 1813, Laura Secord awoke to find her small village, Queenston, Upper Canada, surrounded and taken over by invading Americans. She overheard the planning of a surprise attack on the British, under the command of Lieut. Fitzgibbons, at Dew Cew Falls, some 20 miles to the west of
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The Black Donnellys of Biddulph Township

The temper of the Irish has been spoken of since time began, but I am not sure that anyone in Lucan, Ontario, could have predicted The Black Donnellys. The family of James and Johannah Donnelly emigrated from Tipperary, Ireland, to Canada, and settled on land being given away at the
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