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Province of Ontario Canada Map

Ontario is located in central eastern Canada and one of the ten provinces of Canada.  Almost 40 percent of Canada’s population lives in Ontario. Land wise it is the second largest province.

Lake on the Mountain

Lake on the Mountain in Prince Edward County is an idyllic part of Ontario. Rolling farmland, vineyards and apple orchards form a pleasant backdrop for one mysterious lake... the Lake on the Mountain.  The Lake on the Mountain is a just over one square kilometer in size, rises to 62 meters
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The Laird of McNab

(source - McNab was the 13th chieftain of the McNab clan from the Loch Tay region in Scotland. In order to escape heavy debts, he fled to Upper Canada where he negotiated for land along the Ottawa River so that he might bring his clansmen from Scotland as settlers.
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Pickering Ontario – The Lost Boys

On the late evening of March 17, 1995, after a spring break party which included copious amounts of alcohol, six teenage boys from Pickering Ontario, left the party.  That was the last time they were ever seen. Witnesses and evidence suggest the boys went down to the beach looking for
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Karma Food Co-Op, Right to be Green

Readers of Mysteries of Canada will know that Canadian history is not always old and dusty.  Sometimes old is not so old.  Such is the case with a food co-op I was introduced to recently in Toronto. The Karma Co-op is tucked away down an alley and stuck between two
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Wolfe Island Canal or Ditch?

If you have ever boated along the St Laurence Seaway near Kingston, you will note that there is a fairly large island just opposite Kingston.  It is called Wolfe Island.  Does Kingston and Wolfe Island sound English to you?  Back in the 1600s, The Count of Frontenac, or as he
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Jumbo The Elephant

Jumbo The Elephant was an African elephant, born in 1861 in the French Sudan.  He was exported to France in 1863 and then to London Zoo in 1865, where he became famous for giving rides to visitors.  Jumbo's name is from a Swahili word, jumbe, which means "chief."  Unfortunately, Jumbo
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IGOPOGO – The monster of Lake Simcoe

When I was a young guy, my Grandmother had a cottage on Lake Simcoe.  I remember the warm sand beaches and the cool water, but I don't ever think I saw the IGOPOGO!Considered by many cryptozoologists to be unique, even amongst her amazing peers, Igopogo is a rarely seen beast.
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