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Lake Memphremagog Monster Memphre

Inland sea serpents are not unknown of in Canada. The story of the Lake Memphremagog Monster Memphre resembles very closely that of Ogopogo in central BC.Lake Memphremagog is a long finger-like running south from Magog, Quebec (near Sherbrooke) across the Canada/US border to about Newport, Vermont. Nestled in between mountains, the
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Bat Masterson – Sheriff and Gunfighter

Bartholomew William Barclay Masterson was born on November 24, 1853 in Henryville, Quebec.  He died on October 25, 1921 in New York after a long and notorious career as a peace officer and a feared gunfighter.  Bat Masterson was raised on farms in Quebec and Illinois until 1870.  In 1870
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