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Map of Saskatchewan Canada

Saskatchewan is a prairie province in Canada that is landlocked.  It has a total area of 251,700 sq mi. Saskatchewan is bordered by Alberta on the west, The United States on the South, on the north by the Northwest Territories, and the east by Manitoba.   Saskatoon is the largest city.  Other major cities include Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Estevan, Swift Current, and North Battleford.

Cypress Hills Massacre

In 1873, a bloody "battle" known as the Cypress Hills Massacre took place when American wolfers, including Thomas Hardwick and John Evens, who were stopped at one of the posts, lost some horses. They believed the horses had been stolen by a group of Nakoda (Assiniboine) camped nearby, and after
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Saskatchewan Shipwreck

Mysteries of Canada is no stranger to shipwreck stories.  We have reported on the Gunilda Shipwreck, the Titanic, the Ethie and many more.  But to be reporting a Saskatchewan Shipwreck seems, even to me, a little strange. We tend to think of the Canadian Prairies as essentially flat and what
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U2 Spy Plane – The Dragon Lady

On 15 March, 1960, Captain Roger Cooper landed his U2 Spy Plane on the frozen surface of Wapawekka Lake in Saskatchewan after suffering an electrical failure. The U-2, made famous by the downing of Francis Gary Powers in his U-2 Spy Plane over Russia in May of 1960, was the
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Turtle Lake Monster

Over the past 40 years, there have been numerous reported sightings of an unusual animal in Turtle Lake, located in West-central Saskatchewan. Natives call it Big Fish. Descriptions, however, vary widely. Some say it is three meters long and others say it is 10 meters long. Some say it is
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Chief Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull, a Sioux, was born in 1831 in The Grand River of the Indian territory (now South Dakota). As a boy, he was already showing promise as a leader. Therefore, believing the spirit was driving him, Sitting Bull became chief of the Sioux tribe. Little did he know that he
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Neil Taylor – Nickname Piffles?

Neil Joseph Taylor was born in 1893 in Collingwood, Ontario. But his legacy was established in Regina, Saskatchewan. Neil's family moved to Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan around 1903 to become one of the original towns folk in this rural community.A few years later, he returned east to attend law school at University of
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