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General James Wolfe

General James Wolfe, the leader of the English forces in the conquest of Canada, died on the Plains of Abraham at Quebec.Wounded by musket shots he expired at the moment of victory over the French. After the battle on 13 September 1759, his corpse was removed from the battlefield, embalmed and
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Ten Famous Black Canadians

Famous Black Canadians: One of the first Famous Black Canadians that comes to mind is Harry Jerome.  Long before Ben Johnson or Donovan Bailey, Harry Jerome was Mr. Canada and the world's fastest man and one of our best-known athletes despite an injury-prone career. Born in Prince Albert, Sask., and residing
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The Franklin Expedition: What Really Happened?

The Franklin Expedition holds great interest and mystery. What really happened to the 129 men aboard the HMS Terror and HMS Erebus as they attempted to explore the unknown territory of the Northwest Passage? No one really knows; however, there are many theories and hypotheses about what might have taken place.
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