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Benedict Arnold in Saint John, New Brunswick

Benedict Arnold in Saint John, New Brunswick America’s most notorious traitor, Benedict Arnold, was a merchant in New Haven, Connecticut. In his youth he volunteered to serve in the British colonial militia but after the revolt of the Americans following the Boston Tea Party he joined the Continental Army and distinguished

General James Wolfe

General James Wolfe, the leader of the English forces in the conquest of Canada, died on the Plains of Abraham at Quebec.Wounded by musket shots he expired at the moment of victory over the French. After the battle on 13 September 1759, his corpse was removed from the battlefield, embalmed and
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Flanders Fields – Veterans Tribute

In Flanders Fields was written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918).  The poem was inspired by the following story.  During the Second Battle of Ypres a Canadian officer, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, was killed on May 2nd, 1915 in the gun positions near Ypres. A German artillery shell landed near him.
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Cross of Valour Recipients

Canada's Cross of Valour Recipients from the Govenor General's listings The Cross of Valour was created on May 1, 1972.  It is only awarded for acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril. Posthumous (after death) awards may be made. All Canadian citizens, both civilians and members of the Canadian Forces, are eligible for the award. The Cross
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