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Ghosts of Ashcroft, BC

Ghosts of Ashcroft, BC If you’ve ever made the road trip from Vancouver to Prince George, British Columbia, chances are that you’ve driven through the village of Ashcroft, located about an hour west of Kamloops in one of the most arid regions in all of Canada.In addition to its 1,500 residents,

Captain Voss and the Voyage of the Tilikum

Captain Voss and the Voyage of the Tilikum “Tilikum” is the Chinook Jargon word for “friend” (Chinook Jargon being a pidgin trade language of the Pacific Northwest). Many people most readily associate this word with “Tilly”, the late, controversial, man-eating captive orca which once performed tricks at Seaworld Orlando and Victoria’s

Legends of the Nahanni Valley

Legends of the Nahanni Valley- Northern Canada's Greatest Mystery Now Available in the Mysteries of Canada Bookstore We're very excited to announce that Mysteries of Canada's second-ever non-fiction book, entitled "Legends of the Nahanni Valley," is finally available on Amazon and Kindle. This book is the first of its kind, focusing exclusively

Blackfoot Legends – Napi The Trickster

Napi, known as Old Man, is the culture hero of the Blackfoot tribe. Napi is often portrayed as a trickster, a troublemaker, and a foolish being.  But he is a well-intentioned demigod responsible for shaping the world the Blackfoot Indians live in.  He would often teach the Blackfoot people important things.

Kikkik Inuit – When Justice Was Done

Quite often Mysteries of Canada readers will question some of the statements made in our stories.  This is most common with respect the story of Louis Riel.  Most often the disagreement is explained by the admission of the "critic" that they tend to judge Riel by 2003 norms rather that
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