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Coanda Effect – Avro Car

The late 1940s and 1950s were halcyon days for UFO sightings in North America.  The Roswell Incident occurred in 1947, heralding the belief that we were being visited - or even stalked - by alien beings.  There were six reported sightings in Ontario alone between 1951 and 1957, many of
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Robertson Screw

It was a lovely summer day in 1906 when a traveling salesman, Peter Lymburner Robertson, was demonstrating a spring-loaded screwdriver.  As usual, if a demo can go wrong it will, and Robertson cut his hand when the screwdriver slipped.  It is not known if he made the sale or not, but
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Who Invented the Light Bulb?

Most people think that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but they would be wrong.  In 1875, Thomas Edison purchased half of a patent.  The patent was owned by a Toronto medical electrician.  Edison wanted this to further his own research.  The researcher who invented the light bulb was James
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