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The Tylosaurus, the key to Turtle Lake Monster and Cadborosaurous? In 1938, in the Chalumna River in South Africa, a fish was discovered.  The Coelacanth (pictured below), lesser known as Latimeria chalumnae, was thought to have been extinct for almost 300 million years but there it was, swimming happily.  The find was
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Ogopogo Monster – Lake Okanogan

There is a plaque at one point on Lake Okanogan that reads: "Before the unimaginative white man came, the fearsome lake monster N'ha·a·itk was well-known to the superstitious Indians. His home was Squally Point. Small animals were carried in the canoes to appease the serpent.  Ogopogo is still seen each year,

The Cadborosaurus

A retired Victoria marine biologist believes an enormous, humped sea serpent plies the waters of the Pacific Coast.  Edward Bousfield is in relentless pursuit of an elusive marine serpent, the Cadborosaurus. Since the report of a sighting in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, in 1933 (hence Cadborosaurus, the lizard of Cadboro Bay), dozens

IGOPOGO – The monster of Lake Simcoe

When I was a young guy, my Grandmother had a cottage on Lake Simcoe.  I remember the warm sand beaches and the cool water, but I don't ever think I saw the IGOPOGO!Considered by many cryptozoologists to be unique, even amongst her amazing peers, Igopogo is a rarely seen beast. 
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Lake Memphremagog Monster Memphre

Inland sea serpents are not unknown of in Canada. The story of the Lake Memphremagog Monster Memphre resembles very closely that of Ogopogo in central BC.Lake Memphremagog is a long finger-like running south from Magog, Quebec (near Sherbrooke) across the Canada/US border to about Newport, Vermont. Nestled in between mountains, the
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