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Nautical Mysteries of Canada’s Great Lakes

Nautical Mysteries of Canada’s Great Lakes For centuries, North America’s five Great Lakes have served as the setting for a host of legends, folktales, and nautical mysteries. The local Ojibwa First Nations, for example, tell stories of fabulous monsters which inhabit the depths, shores, and skies of these inland seas, from
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Edmund Fitzgerald Wreck

On 10 November, 1975 the Great Lakes freight vessel, the Edmund Fitzgerald, sank in a violent storm on Lake Superior.Laden with iron ore the Edmund Fitzgerald set sail from Superior, Wisconsin on the 9th of November. Her destination was a steel mill near Detroit, Michigan. An early winter storm was
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The Princess Sophia Shipwreck

At 10 PM, October 23, 1918, the Canadian Pacific passenger ship, the SS Princess Sophia left port at Scagway, Alaska with 298 passengers, men, women and children, largely from Dawson City, Yukon, and a crew of 65.  The ship was a steel passenger liner and was part of service fleet of
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Vanlene Shipwreck

The Vanlene left Japan in 1972 with its holds filled with 300 Dodge Colts. It traveled east towards Washington State without the services of radar and radio direction finders.  They even had a faulty depth finder.  It made its was, unknowingly in to the area of Vancouver Island, some 200

Saskatchewan Shipwreck

Mysteries of Canada is no stranger to shipwreck stories.  We have reported on the Gunilda Shipwreck, the Titanic, the Ethie and many more.  But to be reporting a Saskatchewan Shipwreck seems, even to me, a little strange. We tend to think of the Canadian Prairies as essentially flat and what
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The Gnuilda Shipwreck

The Luxury Steam Yacht Gunilda was the flagship of the New York Yacht Club and the pride of its owner, oil baron William Harkness, one of the wealthiest men in the world at the turn of the century. However a penchant for cutting corners sent this vessel to a watery
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ANTICOSTI Island… A Writer’s Dream

In less than the last 400 years, there have been in excess of 400 shipwrecks on the rocky shores of Anticosti Island. Anticosti Island is situated right at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.  Some 8,000 square kilometres in size, Anticosti Island is large enough to have Prince Edward Island
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