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Benedict Arnold in Saint John, New Brunswick

Benedict Arnold in Saint John, New Brunswick America’s most notorious traitor, Benedict Arnold, was a merchant in New Haven, Connecticut. In his youth he volunteered to serve in the British colonial militia but after the revolt of the Americans following the Boston Tea Party he joined the Continental Army and distinguished

The Star and Medal of Military Valour

There are Three Military Valour decorations in Canada The Victoria Cross is a British honor which has been awarded to 94 Canadians.  The Star of Military Valour and the Medal of Military Valour were created in 1993 specifically for the Canadian military.  They are awarded to recognize acts of valor, self-sacrifice
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Adam Dollard – Hero of New France

Very often in Canada, we ignore our heroes.  Such is the case of Adam Dollard, Sieur des Ormeaux and a Huron Chief named Anahotaha Dollard.  He was a 25 year old professional soldier from France.  He was posted to the colony of New France in 1657.By 1660, New France was
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