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Molly Brant, Heroine of the People

Molly Brant was born in 1736.  The Aboriginal people called her Degonwadonti.  She was a member of a prominent Mohawk family. She lived in the Ohio Valley. In 1759 Molly Brant became the life partner of Sir William Johnson.  Johnson was the Superintendent of Aboriginal Affairs in the province of New York.

Charlotte Whitton

Born in a family of rather modest means, Whitton grew to become the first female mayor of the City of Ottawa, a tireless defender of the less fortunate and a relentless crusader for professional standards of juvenile immigrants and neglected children. She was the driving force behind the Canadian Council
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Laura Secord – Canada’s Joan-of-Arc

On June 21st, 1813, Laura Secord awoke to find her small village, Queenston, Upper Canada, surrounded and taken over by invading Americans. She overheard the planning of a surprise attack on the British, under the command of Lieut. Fitzgibbons, at Dew Cew Falls, some 20 miles to the west of
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