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The Little Green Men of Steep Rock Lake

The Little Green Men of Steep Rock Lake Near the southern border of Northwestern Ontario, about three kilometres northwest of the tiny town of Atikokan, lies a body of water known as Steep Rock Lake. In 1950, this remote woodland retreat, nestled in the heart of what locals proudly refer to
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Emerald Lake and The Brass Bath Tubs

Emerald Lake, near Field British Columbia, is a beautiful site. Formed by the thrusting of the mountain ranges and filled with glacial run-off, the surface of Emerald Lake glistens with the blue-green hue of an emerald. During the early days of the transcontinental railway, which joined Canada from coast-to-coast, the

Lake on the Mountain

Lake on the Mountain in Prince Edward County is an idyllic part of Ontario. Rolling farmland, vineyards and apple orchards form a pleasant backdrop for one mysterious lake... the Lake on the Mountain.  The Lake on the Mountain is a just over one square kilometer in size, rises to 62 meters
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