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  1. raymond haworth
    October 9, 2019

    Love Oak island the brothers are Gentleman with all their friends.
    lovely brothers and a gate program HOPE they find gold on the island.
    All the best from the UK take care on the island.


  2. john bentley
    March 13, 2018

    Re my comment on La Rochefocault and the Oak Island connection I should have mentioned that my book -The Royal Secret – tells of how the treasure got from Rochefocault to Scotland and thence to Oak Island. see: http://www.theroyalsecret.info


  3. john bentley
    March 13, 2018

    This all makes sense. The castle of La Rochefocault is not an hour away from the port of La Rochelle from which it has been claimed from several sources a Templar fleet of eighteen boats loaded with Templar treasures sailed to Scotland after the capture of their leader Simon de Molay and many other high ranking Templars in 1307. In Scotland they sought the protection of Robert the Bruce , the King of Scotland and also a Templar. At Roslyn near Edinburgh the St Clair family (also Templars) had a large chapel in which many of the signs such as the tree of life were carved in its walls. It is said the Templar treasure was buried there in its vaults until after some 15 years or so it was taken by boat to Nova Scotia (New Scotland) on a secret Viking sea route known to the St Clairs.


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